Thronewars Command Cheat Sheet
/bpopens your backpack
/wbopens your portable workbench
/trashopens a trash window when it's closed, items placed there are gone forever
/depositallDeposits inventory items (not hotbar or arrows) into nearby chests within 16 blocks
/sethomeSets your personal home warp point
/homeTeleports you to your personal home warp point
/itemfilterBrings up a GUI that allows you to set items that you don't or do want to pickup. For example, you could set a filter to NOT pickup dirt or cobble while mining or digging. Just open the GUI and then click an item in your inventory to add it to the filter.
/warpsLists all Admin created Warp portal locations
/warp <warpname>Teleports the player to the <warpname> location
/dynmap hideHides your character icon on the map url for the server
/dynmap showShows your character icon on the map url for the server
/recipe <itemname>Shows a gui with the recipe for <itemname> (items with spaces must use "_" instead. Like diamond_sword) Example: /recipe diamond_sword
/mcstatsShows your characters current MCMMO skill levels
/mcrankShows what MCMMO rank you are for each skill on the server
/mctopShows the MCMMO power of the top players on the server
/mctop <skillname>Shows the MCMMO top player for <skillname>. Example: /mctop mining
/<skillname>Shows your MCMMO skill level, xp in that skill, and xp to next level for <skillname> - Example: /mining or /fishing or /swords
/mcscoreboard keepWhatever MCMMO scoreboard you currently have up, like /mining, will stay on your screen until you use /mcscoreboard clear
/mcscoreboard clearStops the MCMMO scoreboard from being permanent
/xpd createCreates an XP bank account to store xp levels for safe keeping
/xpd bShows your XP bank balance
/xpd d #Deposits # of levels into your XP bank account
/xpd w #Withdraws # of levels from your XP bank account
/xpd g <playername> #Gives <player> # levels of XP from your bank account.
/xpd toggle #Toggles Auto XP deposit every # levels (default is 5). If your current xp level is above what you set this to, it won't auto deposit until you bring your xp level below that threshold.
/moneyShows your current money balance
/money pay <playername> #Gives <player> # gold from your available funds
/f money balanceShows the faction's balance - your faction has to have money in it to be able to purchase land
/f money deposit #Deposits # gold to your faction account from your available funds
/f money withdraw #Withdraws # gold from your faction bank account and gives it to you
/f create <factionname>Creates a faction named <factionname> and costs 100g to do so
/f mapShows a map in your chat window of the nearby area and claimed chunks
/f scShows smoke at the edges of the chunk you're currently standing in
/f tax iShows the current tax information for your faction
/f tax set #Sets a tax that will charge faction members # gold per day. Must be a value between -10 and 10. Yes, this means you can make some ranks pull from the faction bank rather than deposit daily by using a negative number.
/f desc <description>Set's the faction description that shows up when you walk into a claimed chunk of land
/f name <factionname>Changes the name of your faction to <factionname>
/f perm showShows the current permissions of your faction territory.
/f perm listLists all permissions that can be set for your faction territory.
/f perm set <permission> <relation> <yes/no>Sets the <permission> permission for <relation> (which can be [ENE]my, [NEU]tral, [TRU]ce, [ALL]y, [REC]ruit, [MEM]ber, [OFF]icer, or [LEA]der) to <yes/no>
/f flag showShows the current faction flags that apply to ALL claimed areas of your faction
/f flag listLists all faction flags that can be applied to ALL claimed areas of your faction
/f flag set <flag> <yes/no>Sets the <flag> flag to <yes/no> (not all flags are editable)
/fc fSwitches to the FACTIONCHAT Faction Chat Channel
/fc publicSwitches to the FACTIONCHAT Public Chat Channel
/fc aSwitches to the FACTIONCHAT Allies Chat Channel